Frank’s Music Ranch

Sometimes, someone gives you enough information to get an idea of what they would like to see and the creative freedom to run with whatever your brain imagines. Frank, the owner of Frank’s Music Ranch gave me just enough to run with and let me go crazy.

He is in California, I am in Nashville. The term “ranch” resonated with me and perhaps my version of a ranch was slightly different than his. You see, I was raised in rural Maine. My grandfather had cows, which he raised to feed the family. He also raised chickens, and the birds were slaughtered as part of his income. My first real job was babysitting. I did that for a family that owned a vegetable farm that had been in their family for generations. Eventually the kids and I both outgrew babysitting and I became a member of the farm family. This was one of the most amazing jobs I have had. I ran the farm stand and got to interact with people coming in to buy food. I also recently got my drivers licence, so delivering salad mix to local restaurants was fine by me!

Back to Frank. I thought of a legit farm house, you know, with all the stereotypes…silo, weather vane, some sort of emblem above the barn door. I truthfully can not remember if he planted the seed of a cow playing the guitar or if that just somehow came to mind. I think it was something he said though. He was clear that he wanted music notes somehow mixed in with “Frank’s Music Ranch.” He had the brilliant idea to put silhouettes of instruments in the windows. He said he wanted something “whimsical,” to which my inner hippie did a happy dance. I love whimsy and it isn’t often I get to let my free spirit take over when I design.

This is what happened for his apparel art. It’s pretty sweet!