Logo Design: Cupcakes for Canines

I recently was referred a project from my dear friends at Foxy Print in Los Angeles. They are very involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and one of the little sisters was given a grant to spend however she wished. This girl did something that touched my heart. She used it to raise money for shelter/rescue dogs by selling cupcakes and taking donations. She called the event Cupcakes for Canines. We have one furry family member, named Dresden, that we rescued with Take Me Home in Los Angeles.

Dresden is wild. His butt wiggles when he sees you and he has no control over his tail. We have replaced our entire set of wine glasses, mostly due to his tail. But, every night he snuggles up and goes to sleep with me and every morning he presses his forehead against mine and we have a little moment together before the craziness of the day. I can not remember what it was like without him and I am so glad that Take Me Home rescued his mom and his brother. I am thankful that we were chosen to be his family.

John, the owner of Foxy Print was set to print the shirts, and they presented me with a sketch for the logo. Then, I got to work…we came up with something super cute together and they had a successful event. John at Foxy Print sent me these photos. They were kind enough to put my logo on the back and this is the first shirt my logo has ever been on. I am flattered and humbled and I love that it is on a shirt that helped to raise money for dogs who need it…

These girls rock. They are all the way awesome.