Food Forward: A Yummy Company

I started working with Food Forward in 2012. This is what I wrote about them when I had a different version of this website:

“About a month ago I woke up to a group of people picking lemons from my neighbor’s trees. I became intrigued by the happenings and discovered that they were volunteers for an organization here in Los Angeles. They pick fruit from neighborhood trees and orchards (with permission of course) and then they donate the pick to the hungry folks in the surrounding areas. Being that I worked on an organic vegetable farm and since I have a sincere compassion for those that aren’t as fortunate as myself, I instantly fell in love with what this group was doing. I am currently designing a poster for an event that they are planning in the spring. I hope that you will take a moment to go to their website and learn more about what they do.”

I had no idea when I reached out to them that our relationship would continue to grow. They allowed me to design the largest thing I have ever done which was to create a wrap for one of their trucks. When they asked me to do this in 2014, I was about 38 weeks pregnant and I had just left the security of a day job for the great unknown of full time freelance. Then, when I celebrated my first successful year of working as a freelance artist, they asked me to do a Ford Transit wrap design for them. It was such a cool way to bookend my first year and create these cool vehicle wraps!

ff truck 02

They have also allowed me to design their highly anticipated Spring Melt invites each year.

Food Forward-Spring Melt

They also have a yearly bandana made to commemorate the number of pounds of fruit and veggies that they have collected and donated to those in need. They let me do these for them as well!

Food Forward-Bandana

Other things have come up here and there that they have allowed me to do for them from website graphics to promotional materials. I love my relationship with Food Forward and if I still lived in LA, I would be more involved with their efforts! Check them out!