Illustration + Logo: Queens Chestnut Barn

While I do a lot of work for people I haven’t ever met, lately I have been lucky to design for some old friends and for family. There is something extra special about your friends asking you to do some work for them…especially when that friend is artistically inclined themselves.

My freshman year at college, I was roommates with the catcher for our school softball team. Our immediate neighbor was the pitcher and the three of us were fast friends. Through these two girls, I met Christina who was also on the softball team. Over the next few years while we all earned our degrees, went the the beach and consumed copious amounts of booze, I got to know Christina. She is super funny, and she is as beautiful outside as she is inside.

Her family owns an event space called Queens Chestnut Barn in Georgia. The barn was built in a fantasy setting. When I saw the photos of the place, I immediately knew why people hold weddings and parties in this space. It is stunning.

When Christina reached out to me about designing a logo and a travel-style poster for her mom’s Christmas gift, I was so excited to get started. I also got to meet Christina’s mom on several occasions and she is as lovely as they come. I was excited to do something so special for Christina to give as a gift. Working for her was a breeze, too. She sent some sketches and examples of what she was thinking and I immediately saw her vision.

I sent Christina a few logo options first and she did a mash up to create what you see above for her mom’s business. I love how simple and timeless it is.

Then, I moved on to the illustration. I was really excited to draw this barn! She let me know that we had to include the string lights and some cows in the illustration, but otherwise let me run with it. I am in love with the finished illustration!

She sent over the framed version that she gifted to her mom, and I think the frame she chose is perfect.

Thanks Christina! This project was so special and I am happy to have been a part of it!