Illustration: Jasper


I have a huge soft spot for dogs. All of them…big or little and in all breeds or mixes. I am especially fond of the Boxer breed, mostly because of their huge expressive eyes and wiggly behinds…and because my own dog is part Boxer and part magical mystery. My dog is my shadow. He follows me around the house, he sleeps next to me, he rides in the car with me and even as I write this he is laying beside me. He is family and I love him all the way.

A great friend of mine and lovely lady asked me if I would do an illustration of this little guy. This adorable fuzzy is called Jasper and his owner is my friends client. Jasper was to his owner as my dog is to me. They were always together and she loved him all the way. Jasper recently passed away, leaving a huge hole in his owners heart. I got misty while working on Jasper’s illustration. I get the feels big time when I think about my own dog passing away and I always sympathize with other pet owners while they grieve the loss of a pet. Death is hard in every capacity and I try not to think too much about the day when my own pup leaves this world.

This was a unique project for me. I got to memorialize this amazing little pup, Jasper. My friend was able to warm the heart of her client. Projects like these fill ones heart and I feel lucky to have been asked to do something so special.