Print: Startup Shindig Cover Art

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…I met a girl named Kristen. In fact, she and I were in the same girl scout troop when we were younger. Later, we would go to the same middle school and graduate from the same high school. Kristen is one of those ladies that you instantly love and who has a smile that can brighten any room. We hung out a bunch at our 10 year high school reunion and I felt like no time had passed. She is doing inspiring things, including holding the title of Mrs. New Hampshire, American Women of Service which features women making a difference through civic and community service, running 5k’s, Consulting for Arbonne and she is the Director of Development and Entrepreneurship Networks for Alpha Loft in New Hampshire. There is more, because she is a champion, but I will save all that for another time.

She posted a quick note on Facebook one day looking for someone who might like to design a cover for an event program that she was organizing with Alpha Loft. I was late responding to it and was sure she already had someone working on it, but luckily for me…she let me do it! And on top of that, they had a brand guide to follow…but otherwise let me run with it!

The event was called “Startup Shindig” and it was organized to celebrate entrepreneurship in New Hampshire. The tagline Alpha Loft uses is “Start up. Take flight.” I don’t know why my brain always goes graphically to a rocket when I think about startups, but it does. It’s like an instant representation for a fledgling company. Rockets are also super cool. They do this unthinkable thing, you know, space travel. They overcome the odds. They press forward. And so do startups. I worked for a successful restaurant group for almost ten years before moving to Nashville. And then I became an entrepreneur. It is scary at times, but it mostly amazing. I have a huge appreciation for people who are creating products and services that employ others and begin new companies. It’s admirable and it can be tough.

So with my mental gravitation (see what I did there?!?!) to rockets and Alpha Loft’s tagline…a rocket seemed like an appropriate way to go! I illustrated a little rocket using Alpha Loft’s branding and color scheme and then laid out the cover around it. It is clean and simple and Kristen and her team at Alpha Loft were super happy with it. She sent me this photo when they came in and I was so excited to see them printed up!

Kristen also sent me a copy. It isn’t often that I get to see my print design work in physical form and it is always great to hold the documents in my hands. Kristen also gifted me an advertisement spot in the program. I haven’t yet advertised for myself in print form, so this was a rare opportunity and one that allowed me to design something for my own business.

Thanks Kristen. It was nice to be a part of your project and to do something in tandem with an old friend. You’re the bomb, lady. Truly.