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I met Jen when I was working for Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles. Barney’s is an eclectic roadhouse and bar that has been part of the landscape since 1920. When Jen joined the team, she was rapidly promoted due to her genuine ability to provide an amazing experience to patrons. In the service industry, people like Jen stand out. Everyone has experienced a server or bartender that really went above their expectations, and those people keep you coming back to a bar or restaurant. In my opinion, you can have the most incredible food and drinks in your establishment, but if your service staff isn’t amazing, patrons will find somewhere else to spend their money. Jen has a way of speaking with people that makes them feel special and she has an infectious smile. She is also an extraordinarily talented actress and has graced many stages around the country.

Jen sent me a text to let me know some exciting news. She was opening her own bar and restaurant in Rhode Island. I was so excited for her! Running a restaurant is one thing, owning one is another. I can’t imagine doing this, though I have certainly fantasized about it…and Jen was taking the challenge head on. She asked if I would design a logo for the establishment, called The Twisted Hop Tavern. Of course, I couldn’t wait.

The logo started as a hop bud with some vines and then took a turn to a hipster man with an epic top hat and a much softer lady with hops in her wind blown hair. I took a risk with the naked lady logo…she isn’t very conventional for a logo, but given Jen is a woman, it seemed I should represent that in the logo as well. And as it happened, Jen loved her as much as I did. My great friend and college roommate, Kayla, would say that this lady is a “classic Jess” illustration, and she is. If you look at my work through the years, there are no shortages of hippie, earth-goddess like creatures…usually women, with flowing fairy-like hair. It’s sort of my thing.

We added color and she was finished. The bar had a logo, and a visual identity. Jen continued work on hiring staff, choosing beers (my most favorite task in my bar management days) and creating a menu. When they had the menu finished, she asked if I would help design it and truthfully, I couldn’t wait because when the logo was finished, I already knew what the menu would look like. You can read about all the delightful food they offer and see the menu online!

The bar opened last night and I imagine Jen was smiling as big as ever. Opening a business is tough and it had to feel amazing to see people in the bar enjoying the atmosphere and the hard work that lead up to that moment. She wrote on Facebook, “Guys, I opened a bar and it’s kind of dope. Come say hi! 48 School Street, Albion, RI.” I agree, Jen. You are an inspiration. I am so proud of you and beyond excited for you.

Congratulations lady, I wish you nothing but the most beautiful of memories and times spent in The Twisted Hop Tavern. #GetTwisted

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