Logo Design: The Silverlake Lounge

I hooked up with the Silverlake Lounge because the manager liked the work I did for the band, Decoded who had recently played on their stage. They were looking for a new logo that was reminiscent of an old sign that used to hang over the stage. The old sign was removed some years before-but it was always missed. The old sign said “Salvation” and it hung over their stage.

silverlake lounge 2

When I started to design this logo, I wanted to do something unique to Silverlake, that tipped the hat to the old sign and that was just cool. I decided on a dreamcatcher because Silverlake is sort of an artsy community. Hollywood is also somewhere that you go when you are following your dreams-or trying to find them. I wanted to keep the old simple font from the Salvation sign, and Mario wanted to have it look like there were still bulbs in the logo.

silverlake lounge 3

Right after we moved to Nashville, they had the logo made into a neon sign that now hangs behind the stage. I never got to see it in real life, but Mario sent me photos and since it is behind the stage-it is in a lot of photo’s. It is pretty amazing to see something that you design with pixels on a computer screen turned into something three dimensional. It looks pretty rad!

silverlake lounge