Mural: Anheuser-Busch



In April of 2009, I painted my first mural for Anheuser-Busch. It was in a bar called Westwood Brew Co. in Westwood, CA. The bar was grungy and full of college students. I loved everything about it. I had wanted to do something super cool with bright colors featuring the Anheuser brands, but the bar manager wanted something a little more UCLA related-which was completely understandable. I ended up 15 feet off the ground painting from 3am after the bar closed until about 9am when the bar opened. There is something erie about a bar when no one else is there with you. It is so quiet but you can still hear the laughter and smell the spilled beer from a few hours before.

The bar has now closed and re-opened as something else…but I am so grateful to have had this start with Anheuser-Busch. It lead to a couple more murals around Los Angeles and I also met a rep that hired me to paint his new daughters nursery. The baby room, by far was the most special of all the murals I have ever done!