Website Design: KIA

When I was growing up in Maine, almost everything was 30 minutes to 1 hour away via car and travel time increased with the often unfavorable weather conditions that occurred in the winter. This story begins on one winter afternoon when I was 15 years old.

My father packed up his Jeep with photography equipment. He was heading off on a location shoot. I didn’t know where he was going or who he was taking photos of, and truthfully, I was probably preoccupied with my own day-to-day life. He departed for the job, and I watched the snowflakes begin to fall. About an hour later, my dad called our house. I honestly don’t remember why he was calling home. What I do remember was his casual mention about being at the Aerosmith concert and then I completely stopped listening to whatever he was saying. “Dad! Dad. Do you have time to come home and get me so I can see the show, too?” Here are the facts. I didn’t have my drivers license yet. It was snowing. My dad was taking photos of Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler! He was an hour away in good driving conditions. The show was about to start. It would be two to three hours later by the time my dad came home to get me and then drove all the way back to the venue. The show would likely be over by then. My request was futile, but I still really wanted to be there. My dad explained the obvious, and said there was no way this could happen. I was pretty upset, but I knew he was right. My dad got some rad photos of Steven Tyler, and he brought me home a signed poster, which hung on my bedroom ceiling until I moved to Savannah.

About a month ago, a woman whom I work with daily named Kate (Leuridan Labs) emailed me to ask if I had some time to work on a new project for KIA. My inner 15 year old got all sorts of excited. Have you seen the KIA commercial in which Steven Tyler Benjamin Buttons in the Stinger? Well, if you haven’t here it is. Watch it, love it. Well done, KIA.

I am quite sure I told Kate about my weird infatuation with Steven Tyler and how I couldn’t wait to work on this website design. Through Kate, I have had the opportunity to work on some projects for some huge brands, like Benefit Cosmetics and Pepper ProEyes, but designing for KIA was really, really cool for me. KIA and AdAge needed a new website designed because they are hosting a design competition for art students to win some tuition money called Driving Creativity. Once upon a time I was an art student and almost every single dollar I earned while in school went toward my tuition. $10,000 would have been a huge help to me back then, and I can’t wait to see the ads the finalists come up with for the Driving Creativity contest.

The website I designed for them was influenced by the KIA website and their brand and I am really happy with how it came out. Kate’s talented coding team worked their magic to bring the site to life and I am really proud to share it with you. You can check out the live site here and learn more about the competition. And below, a few images of the website for you to check out. Thanks for allowing me to help with this project Kate, KIA and AdAge. I couldn’t be more flattered.